Wednesday, 30 October 2013

TRAVEL: North Stradbroke island

TRAVEL POST: A weekend at North Stradbroke island

My boyfriend's family had organised a family reunion for August 2013 on North Stradbroke island. As usual, I was unsure if I could go as I had no idea what was going on in my life! I did end up going, and luckily found a job the following week so everything turned out pretty much for the best :-)

We drove to the ferry and took the car over to the island, as I mentioned in a previous post - yes, buses do run on the island but I wold probably recommend you take a car.

Above: the amazing view from the ferry. The sky and water were so so blue!

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Most of us stayed in the same resort on the island. I had met some of the family before at the wedding but some were new faces - and his family that live in England came too! I was pretty pleased cos I love being able to talk to other English people every once in a while ;)

It was warmer on this visit to Straddy - thank goodness!

 Above: we spent a really enjoyable afternoon playing law bowls. And surprisingly, I was quite good!

 Above: the boyf at some of the Straddy beaches
 Above: family BBQ at the resort
Above: family photo!

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