Wednesday, 30 October 2013

TRAVEL: Mount Tamborine

TRAVEL POST: Scarecrow festival at Mount Tamborine

I had an amazing day with family and friends at the Mount Tamborine Scarecrow festival, in October 2013.
Mount Tamborine is up in the Gold Coast hinterland and a popular spot with tourists. It is most famous for the Gallery Walk which is the main street through town, filled with various shops and cafes.
Mount Tamborine offers great views over the coast, it can get pretty windy up there  and chilly in the winter!

The scarecrows were spread all around - outside people's homes, outside shops and on random street corners. It was really fun spotting them and the Celebrity themed Scarecrows were hilarious!

 Above: beautiful views from Mount Tamborine

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 Above: me and the sister bear
 Above: we stopped by a field of very friendly alpacas but this one has given up on life
 Above: the famous St Bernards hotel
 Above: me at one of the scarecrow displays
 Above: The German cuckoo clock shop's scarecrow attempt
 Above: dad with the Queen and baby Charles
 Above: aww my fave scarecrows, Beauty & the Beast!
 Above: Cool winery sign

 Above: Scarecrow bride!

Above: amazing views of the Gold Coast, also a stunning place for a wedding

Mount Tamborine provides a lovely chilled day out. The drive up is interesting, Gallery Walk is full of cool stuff to see and the views are amazing. 

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