Tuesday, 29 October 2013

TRAVEL: Mackay

TRAVEL POST: A fleeting visit to Mackay

As Trent was working in Moranbah and he drove to Airlie Beach, he promised to drive me to Mackay where I planned to stay for a few days and maybe even try to find a job. I called the one and only hostel in town - it was fully booked for the night.


I was surprised as during my trip we had literally just turned up on the doorstep of every hostel and they had room for us, but I rang the Mackay one in advance and it was already booked.
So me and Trent drove to Mackay and  just spent the day there - it worked out for the best really because I ticked everything off my list of stuff to do there, and staying the night was therefore unnecessary anyway.

Above: Mackay CBD

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 Above: We took a really nice stroll along the river
 Above: a quick trip to the Lagoon - their lagoon is pretty big there's 3 different pools but it was nowhere near as busy as Cairns, Airlie and Brisbane
Above: a lovely fountain outside the council house

Mackay was similar to Townsville in that it was a town with quite a large population but with a small town feel, it had some nice old buildings and a lovely river-side walk.
Mackay just does not attract the same amount of tourists as Cairns, Airlie and Townsville/Magnetic - people just pass it by, catching a glimpse from the Greyhound window (that is, if they are awake).
It was a nice town but a little bit souless.

We tried to go to the Orchid house but we got lost, ended up at a disused train station and made it to the correct location about 3 minutes after it closed... At least we were able to stand on a bench and peek in through gaps in the walls...

We went to the cinema and watched The Great Gatsby, it was a brilliant film, then found a noodle bar a few streets away for dinner.

And the saddest part of my trip - I had to say bye to Trent and we didn't know when we would see each other again. It is always hard saying bye to your partner but this time was the worst because I had to wait by myself at a petrol station until the Greyhound came, then try and sleep on it over-night to my unplanned trip to Hervey Bay and everything just felt wrong. I did have a little cry when he left me, I felt so tired and cold I just wanted to crawl into bed with him, instead I was sat by myself waiting for an unreliable Greyhound....

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