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TRAVEL: Kind of....a short stay in Burpengary

TRAVEL POST: Burpengary, Caboolture, Glasshouse mountains, Montville, Maleny, Stradbroke island...

Soooo I went and stayed with my boyfriend's family while I recovered from tonsilitis. He was working in Moranbah so I went alone, having met his family only once previously (at his sister's wedding).

To say I was spoiled is probably an under-statement. Their house felt like luxury after spending two months in dorm rooms... I had a whole double bed all to myself! Heaven. His mum, dad and brother were all so nice and friendly to me, I really felt at home when I was there. I was initially only going to stay for a couple of nights but I ended up staying about 10 instead. And we did fit some sight-seeing in, which is why I am counting this as a travel post, of sorts...

A couple of days after I arrived, we took a ferry over to Stradbroke island for the day - it was pretty cold and extremely windy but we had a lovely day driving around the island.
Above: one of North Stradbroke's beaches

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 Above: dramatic rocks line the beaches
 Above: the sun came out AND we spotted a dolphin, perfect!
 Above: a thong tree!

Above: beautiful sunset over the harbour

Stradbroke island was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The island does run a bus service but I would really recommend taking a car with you, if you can. There are plenty of beaches - perfect for fishing, swimming or whale/dolphin spotting!

The Hinterland and Glasshouse mountains:
We took a couple of day trips up the Glasshouse mountains, Mt Mee, DÁguilar, Woodford.. the Sunshine Coast hinterland is absolutely beautiful, the views were all amazing and its just a gorgeous area that is popular with tourists - and you can see why. Luckily we went on weekdays, rather than the weekend, so it wasn't too busy.
 Above: Amazing views from one of the look out points

Above: the Pit stop cafe
 Above: I'm pretty sure you can see all the way to Brisbane from here
 Above: sadly the pit stop cafe was closed but we were able to peek through the windows at the retro interior decor

Above: I think this was in Woodford, I just loved the play on words at this vegetable shop - Elvis Parsley XD

Kondalilla Falls:
We drove up to Montville for the day and made a stop at the Kondalilla falls. There were a couple of different tracks to do, I think we switched tracks at one point so we did a bit of an odd shaped loop but it was a beautiful walk and we got some good leg exercise because of all the steps down to the bottom!

This little mountain town is so pretty. I really enjoyed walking up and down the main street, stopping to look in the independent shops along the way. There was a German cuckoo clock, a Scottish/Irish shop, an English pub.....I felt right at home! We went into the sweet shop and watched how they make sticks of rock - we got a couple of samples too - yum!
 Above: very English looking shops in Montville
 Above: Montville watermill

Above: interesting shops in Montville

Glasshouse Mountains:
The Glasshouse Mountains are a group of mountains in the Hinterland, named so by James Cook as they reminded him of glass furnaces from back home in jolly old Blighty.
Two of the mountains are open for climbing, the rest are shut due to dangerous rock conditions. We drove to the Glasshouse Mountain look-out point and the views are stunning -
(I later came back with my boyfriend and we climbed one of the mountains together)

Above: beautiful views of the mountains

So it had been about 10 days and I felt like, if I didn't leave now then I never would (because I liked being there so much!). My friends from Mission Beach had reached Brisbane, so I headed there too.

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