Wednesday, 30 October 2013

TRAVEL: Killarney

TRAVEL POST: A drive out to Killarney, via Warwick

I had never heard of this small country town before until Trent suggested we take a drive there. Well, its about 3 hours each way so we didn't get to spend too much time in the town itself but the drive was absolutely gorgeous - I love seeing small towns away from the coast, its like a whole different world and I wish more people would venture out beyond the cities and the beach.
Killarney has a pub, hospital, school, a couple of coffee shops, 2 estate agents, a supermarket and there was even a traveling library in the car park when we arrived!
Close by is Queen Mary falls and a selection of walking tracks, which were beautiful.

 Above: charming old pub in Killarney

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 Above: Killarney is so cute, the houses are all from a certain era and nestled within trees and gentle slopes
 Above: We had time to quickly (we were half jogging!) go see the Queen Mary falls, we did one of the tracks and the falls were stunning!
 Above: a beautiful mountain and tree view on the drive home
Above: a couple of days later my lovely boyfriend sent me flowers, awwww! :)

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