Tuesday, 29 October 2013

TRAVEL: Hervey Bay

TRAVEL POST: Hervey Bay... why was it so cold??

Surprisingly, I managed to get some sleep on my over-night Greyhound from Mackay down to Hervey Bay and to make things better my hostel had sent a mini bus to pick me up :)
The communal areas of the hostel I chose were nice (the kitchen and living area were excellent)
I was extremely unimpressed with the room - it was an 8 bed shared dorm with one horribly dirty en-suite between us, there were no communal showers.

My good friend Melissa lives in Hervey Bay and luckily she was free to hang out so she drove me to the harbour, we met her boyfriend when he finished work and then she drove me to see her house (also helpfully, she drove me to Woolies so I could buy some food! THANK YOU!!)

Above: a gorgeous HBay beach

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Hervey Bay surprised me - I loved the beaches there, it felt like an English sea side town in some ways.

 Above: Hervey Bay is famous for spotting humpback whales
Above: I took a stroll through some of the suburbs and found this gorgeous place!

I walked the whole of the esplanade (I seem to do this a lot...) and then down to the Botanic Gardens which were extremely lovely and peaceful until a man sat on the grass near to me and asked if I wanted to get drunk with him. Um. No thanks.
Hervey Bay struck me as a place of lots of old people and teenage mums plus a few local weirdos thrown in for good measure too. I went into a public GIRLS toilet and there was a man in there, door open, trousers down, didn't even flinch when he saw me.

Botanic Gardens:

Me and Melissa had an amazing dinner at the boat club one night - it was so so cheap and the portions were HUGE! We were both stuffed. And there was a free tea/coffee/hot chocolate machine - awesome.

 Above: this place intrigued me. I had no idea what it was all about so I looked it up on Trip Advisor and read some weird reviews saying there were dead shark parts kept by a man that hates sharks. I left H-Bay without going in and Mel never did, but I am still intrigued

Above: beautiful beaches at H-Bay

Most people come to Hervey Bay to go retire, caravan or see the whales.
I came, did loads of walking and got sick :/

I had been feeling a little sick the first day I was in H-Bay, I said to Mel that my throat was hurting but just ignored it. The next day I felt so sick, I was having sweats, a sore throat, headache, dizzy spells. I really did not feel right and I was also hating the hostel I was in.

I was feeling so ill I rang up my boyfriend to have a cry and he said, "Why don't you go stay with my parents?"
And I said.... ""I have only met them once, no, no I couldn't possibly"...
Too late he had already hung up the phone. He called back a few mins later saying it was all sorted, I would go stay at his parent's house... so I booked a train for the next day, and down I went! I don't regret it and I am eternally thankful to his parents for letting me stay when I was feeling sick.

So my backpacking was over, for now.

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