Wednesday, 30 October 2013

TRAVEL: Glasshouse Mountains

TRAVEL POST: Mount Ngungun

This is just a mini post--- me and the boyf climbed up Mount Ngungun which is one of only two Glasshouse mountains open for the public to climb. The others are all closed due to dangers on the track - you *can* walk up them if you want to but, really, please don't. Stay safe guys.
 We both wore trainers rather than flip flops (aka thongs) which was good because towards the top it did start to get a bit rocky! The climb wasn't too hard, it was a hot day so I got pretty sweaty but neither of us were out of breath at the top.
It didn't take too long either, we stopped for a while at the top taking in the views - about an hour in total from start to finish including a while to drink in the views & take loads of photos!

Below - some pictures I took using my iphone, they turned out really nicely!

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