Tuesday, 22 October 2013

TRAVEL: from Birmingham to the Gold Coast

September, 2012.

TRAVEL POST - in September 2012 I began this incredible journey. I packed up a HUGE suitcase (31 kgs to be precise) and hopped on a plane from Birmingham, UK to Brisbane, Australia. I worked 3 jobs after I graduated from uni (box office/bar in a nightclub, Boots Christmas casual and as a receptionist at a temping agency) in order to save up for this - the most amazing time of my life.

My last view of England, courtesy of Birmingham airport
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From Brisbane I caught the train straight to the Gold Coast. And then obviously, straight to the beach -

During this time I had to sort out a lot of boring stuff (drivers license, medicare card, bank account, RSA certificate etc..). I was looking for jobs every day and also chilling out, going to the beach a lot and generally acting like a tourist

Tropical Fruit World:
I LOVE this place! Its quite expensive so I would recommend that you search for vouchers/discounts before going because the full price is pretty steep really, for what you get. Its a huge farm - growing all kinds of fruits and nuts as well. Its great to explore - you take a tractor ride and also a boat. You can also try lots of different fruits you may never have heard of before, at the Tropical Fruit tasting.

Those ducks are crazy for food.

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