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TRAVEL: Currumbin / Gold Coast

TRAVEL POST: Currumbin & the Gold Coast

I live here so, as with Brisbane, instead of doing multiple posts I will try and keep everything together for Currumbin and the Gold Coast

Here are some beautiful pics from my local beach:

Above: you can see the high rises at Surfers from Currumbin alley.. they almost look as though they are floating on water

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The Gold Coast kind of goes from North to South:
-Paradise point, Runaway bay
-Surfers Paradise
-Mermaid beach
-Palm Beach
-Tweed Heads (technically, part of NSW but I count it as the Gold Coast) 
There are areas in between these but I have done a run down of the main suburbs

It is a very large and spread out coast, everything kind of sprawls. I find it hard getting around without a car - there are some excellent bus services, however it can take so long to get from one place to another and traffic can get absolutely horrendous up round the Southport/Surfers/Broadbeach areas.

The Gold Coast is beautiful - some of the best beaches in Queensland are here, and it attracts all kinds of tourists.

Places/spaces reviewed so far in this post: Currumbin wild life sanctuary, Gold Coast exhibition centre (Quilt show), Currumbin Swell Festival 2013, Mt Cougal


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary:
The sanctuary has been running for a long time now and I really recommend a visit. The work they do with animals is so great and if you are going to pay an entrance fee to anywhere then make it somewhere that really helps to make a difference to the wildlife in this country.
There are koalas, dingoes, kangaroos, wallabies, crocodiles, bird houses, reptiles and live shows - try and plan your day around the excellent live shows!
Above: awww baby koala!
 Above: huge croc!
 Above: the bird show
 Above: we were so impressed with this wild bird who managed to hang upside down!!
 Above: the outback sheep shearing show was hilarious!
Above: myself and Alex with a roo :)


GC Art Exhibition Centre - Quilt show
Me and my darling mumma bear went to see a free quilt show and as much as I went in with trepidations, I left feeling pretty impressed! Quilts are cool, okay?!

Above:  a small selection of the quilts. Some of them were so pretty, others were classic-style and others (such as the croc) were funny!


Currumbin Swell Festival 2013:
The annual Swell Festival is held in Currumbin every September. Its great to see the beach become so busy during this time and having an art display outdoors on the beach makes for an interesting show!
After the 2012 hilarity of the sculpture that looked like a woman's private parts, I had high hopes. Alas, this year there weren't any pieces of art that appealed to my immature sense of humour, but they were impressive none the less.
The festival is completely free to wander around, open 24/7 and if you take a fancy to a particular piece you may even be able to buy it (if you are rich). Currumbin's cafes and shops must surely benefit from this festival as much as the local community, in my eyes the Swell Festival is great for everyone!

 Above: pigs can fly!
 Above: this little dog was hilarious, it was barking at the sculpture for at least 10 minutes, maybe even longer but we walked away
Above: Dad's fave piece - this incredibly lifelike emu


Mt Cougal:
The walking tracks (or at least, the ones we went on) were very over-grown. I would recommend anyone to go with a group, take your phones, plenty of water, food and a map (even though ours was useless).
It was a good bush walk - we saw plenty of trees, plants, birds etc.. and got some good exercise out of it but if you are after an easy stroll with nice views at the end then this is not really for you.

 Above: Oh look a path!
 Above: Oh... where did the path go?
Above: the peak (Boyd's butte) - we didn't reach it. I don't know if its even possible. There is a lot of lantana growing there, I was covered with scratches


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