Tuesday, 22 October 2013

TRAVEL: Currumbin, Gold Coast

TRAVEL: Currumbin, Gold Coast

I am really rushing through now! Trying to catch up on a whole year of travels!
Sorry my writing is quite poor & not very informative. I'm trying to get this blog set-up and running. Once I have caught up with myself I can go back and edit things :)

Currumbin Rock pools are a must-see.
The pools are on the edge of Springbrook National Park so it is very green and leafy up here, with ancient trees that have grown extremely tall. The area has a short walking track (roughly 1km) that leads up to an old saw mill and back.
 The rock pools do get busy, especially on weekends. There are often teenagers there, jumping into the pools, despite all the signs around the place saying NO DIVING (I've heard many a horror story about people hurting themselves in these pools..).

It gets pretty cold up here in the winter but its lovely to visit all year round.

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