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TRAVEL: Byron Bay & surrounds

TRAVEL POST: Byron Bay, Pottsville, Cabarita, Salt, Hastings Point

(Basically, in Sept. 2012 we drove from the Gold Coast down to Byron and stopped at a few places along the way)

Byron Bay is popular with EVERYONE. I am yet to meet someone who had a bad time here.
It is always filled with backpackers enjoying the laid-back feel of the place. It isn't quite as out-there/hippy as Nimbin (wanna go? Hop on the "Happy bus"!) but there is a lot of crystals and tie-dye. As a result of this, I can recommend Byron as one of the most vegetarian friendly places I have visited.
There's a Moroccan themed place down one of the side streets behind the beach front - its painted yellow and offers pitta bread, falafels and hummus - I've forgotten its name :/

The best thing about Byron has to be the lighthouse and views from its location - on a large hill overlooking, well, everywhere. It is the most Easterly point of Australia and offers amazing views in all directions.
We especially go there to spot whales swimming by! I have been lucky enough to spot dolphins there and also a random goat that lived on the hill by the lighthouse.
Its a very popular spot for weddings.
The cafe at the top, near the lighthouse, is priced very reasonably considering that it has a monopoly on tourists up there.
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Above photos: the walk up to the top, the lighthouse itself, and me at the Easterly point sign. This is all from September 2012 - over a year ago!

Cabarita/Pottsville/Hastings Point:
On the drive down to Byron, its always worth a stop at one of these little beach towns if you have the time.
Cabarita has lovely beaches that feel so big, I'm not sure why but they just do. If you climb to the top of the point you get great views as well - it gets windy up there!
Pottsville: BEST FISH AND CHIPS EVER!!! Seriously. Not on the main road, but on a small side street across from the Caravan park. I think its called Philip Street.
Hastings Point: Seriously, it gets very very windy here but it is EXCELLENT for spotting whales! its a popular spot with people who come to the area camping/caravanning.

Cabarita beach, and a whale

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