Tuesday, 22 October 2013

TRAVEL: Brisbane

September 2012


I love Brisbane. I truly do. Its not a scarily large capital city like London or Sydney, but its not small and boring either. It has a lovely relaxed, chilled out feel and the sun always seems to be shining :)
There are plenty of museums, galleries, gardens, shops & river side cafes to keep you occupied.
Really, if you haven't been to Brisbane, why not?

I have been to Brisbane many times, but still have a list of things to tick off and do!

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 Image below: the main CBD as seen from the river, South Bank

Brisbane was the first place in Australia that I encountered a man-made lagoon- I thought it was so original! And then I backpacked the East Coast and found one in Cairns, Airlie Beach, Mackay...
I love the concept of them, and even though you are in the middle of Queennsland's capital you genuinely feel like you are at a beach resort - its fabulous!

South Bank is a gorgeous area - the location of the lagoon, a large ferris wheel, museums/galleries, little cafes and restaurants... You could definitely spend an afternoon just wandering along the river bank, dipping your feet in the lagoon and finishing off at one of the cafes or bars.
Another interesting feature of South Bank is some leftover exhibits from the World Expo of '88, particularly this temple, below:

Below: my mother, being cool at South Bank

Brisbane CBD:
This really struck me - in the middle of all these modern high rises, tower blocks, hotels and apartments there is this stunning red brick church. It is literally dwarfed by the streets and buildings around it, yet it stands proud and i just adore it:

Brisbane town hall:
Recently has undergone renovations, now re-opened to the public. I haven't been inside yet, will blog as soon as i do! It looks an interesting building though, and I know that it houses a museum

Festival of lights:
Each year in September, the business buildings of Brisbane install laser lights onto their roof / ledges and this amazing effect has been captured, quite poorly, by myself in Sept. 2012:

The festival is a gorgeous laser light show, it lasts maybe half an hour? And is on a regular intervals.
There are many great places to view the show, we watched it from South Bank where they festival organisers had set up a fenced off area including makeshift bars (wine was consumed).

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