Monday, 28 October 2013

TRAVEL: Atherton Tablelands

TRAVEL POST: Atherton Tablelands, rain forest, waterfalls... beautiful

We took a day trip from Cairns up to the Atherton Tablelands and we had such a great day! We went with Captain Matty's Barefoot tours, our tour guide was really chatty and the other backpackers were cool too.
It was a long day but definitely worth it, we paid around $80 for a full day tour + morning and afternoon tea (you can either bring your own lunch or buy it from the pub we stop at for a break)

 Above: the whole group in a huuuge tree!

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Above: the first (or second?) stop off, after the big tree was this awesome lake! Even though Cairns was boiling hot, the Tablelands were a lot cooler and over-cast so we chickened out of having a swim!
One of the other girls jumped in and came out with about 4 leeches on her skin so be careful!
 Above: a beautiful gorge
Above: some of the others were crazy and jumped in but me and my girls were just too cold!
 Above: a sign you would only see in outback Aus!
 Above: I am so sorry I have forgotten all the place names but here is an amazing lookout it reminded me of home, England!
Above: we went to a pub for lunch, its owned by a really funny guy he is a proper no-nonsense Country town Aussie. He liked me and my friends cos we weren't scared of his plastic snake... later on the other tour joined us and some crazy body shots were taken....

 Above: allegedly the waterfalls where Peter Andre filmed Mysterious Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Above: a blurry photo of us stood in front of  a valley gorge
 Above: Our tour guide Emma bought us bananas!
 Above: some awesome rock pools

 Above: Rainforest

Above: Group photo at the tour bus!

It was a fantastic day - the tour guide was so friendly (she gave us a huge when she picked us up in the morning!), the other backpackers were a cool bunch and the scenery was amazing!

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