Tuesday, 29 October 2013

TRAVEL Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays

TRAVEL POST: Airlie Beach and a day trip to the stunning Whitsunday islands

Another Greyhound, from Townsville down to Airlie Beach where I was meeting up with Deb + El again then having a weekend with my boyfriend on his days off from work :-)

Airlie Beach is so pretty. It is definitely a backpacker haven - it has lots of funky little shops, a McDonalds, hot weather, a huge choice of hostels, bars and nightclubs and the most important thing of all - a lagoon!
It is also the gateway to the Whitsunday islands for fishing, snorkeling and diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

A common theme during my time with the girls, was free champagne. We drank bottles of it in Mission Beach, had a free night out on it in Cairns and found ourselves winning top prize at our hostel pub quiz - which was another bottle of bubbles! Of course we had to go for a night out now! We met some random guys from New Zealand and they bought most of our drinks that night because they fancied Debs - yay another cheap night out! Followed by another horrific hangover....

Above: drinking in Airlie Beach - we loved Beaches, the Irish bar and Mama Africa's!

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The next day we spent a chilled day at the lagoon and wandering round the shops -

Above: the lagoon and bay surrounding it

The Whitsunday Islands (Whitsundays):

Trent, my boyf, was working in the mines in Moranbah doing 10 days on with 4 off and on his 4 off he came and met me in Airlie Beach. We got a cute little unit by the waterfront and booked a boat trip to the Whitsundays :)
We chose to go on Fury, the fastest boat, I get pretty sea sick but the water was pretty still so I was ok. The trip included lunch, snorkeling and a full day tour of various Whitsunday islands including Whitehaven beach

The Whitsundays are absolutely beautiful - the water was like glass, the sand was so fine and most of the islands haven't been developed into resorts - it was like seeing the coast how it is meant to be, with rocks and trees and very few people.

Above: my photos all turned out a bit shit I guess - In my defense, the boat was moving pretty fast!

We really enjoyed snorkeling - I was scared at first (of sharks, jelly fish, even the giant clam on the sea bed) but it was really cool to see all of the life beneath the water surface
We went to Whitehaven beach where the tour guide laid out a really good lunch. 
A huge goanna stood on my foot for 5 seconds and if it had been any longer I think I would have weed myself.

Above: me on Whitehaven beach

Conway National Park:
We are always looking for things to do when we go somewhere new because whats the point of just sitting on a beach all day? So we found Conway National Park on a map and along we went, we did some walking and saw some pretty waterfalls-

And then we had to leave :-(

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